Sunday, 2 June 2013

8 Days To Go... Pricing And Release Date Of New Consoles

It is only 8 days from now that we will have E3 and the Biggest E3 expo yet,what i,am going to talk about today is the rumors of the pricing and release dates of the Xbox One and PS4. There has been a lot of speculation into what will actually be the price of the new Xbox One,and earlier on in the week we seen Amazon Europe online websites leaking a price of  900.00 Dollars which is very steep and if that is actually the price will throw a lot of people off buying the Xbox One,but i cant see it being that steep of a price,i have been reading into a lot of articles about the pricing and i,d likely put my head out now and say both consoles will probably be around £200.00 To £400.00 not cheaper or dearer than that,I did hear a rumor that they were going to price the Xbox One cheaper than the old Xbox 360 at its release date which would mean they would be pricing it at around £200.00 pounds and for PS4 to compete in the race for supremacy they would have to go around that but no further than £300.00 as then a lot of people would just buy the cheaper and in my opinion the better console,Xbox One. Another Major talking point since the 21st of May has been the release date of the new consoles,as most people expect it will likely be around the holiday months (November,December) with the new Call Of Duty:Ghosts game coming out on the 5th of November i can say that it will be around the week before that which is fallen into the back end of October or the week after that which would be just 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and Black Friday,The two dates being the 29th of October and the 12th of November,Both Tuesdays which is likely the day it comes out as most Major games with American Producers do bring out their big games on that day.I hope i have filled up everything i was supposed to today and if you have any topics yous would like me to go over just comment on my posts and i will cover it tomorrow,So untill tomorrow Bye and Have a good evening from all at GamersNumberOne.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

9 Days To Go..

9 Days is the time to E3 now and the excitement is starting to hit,this could be the biggest E3 event ever with the Next Generation of Consoles and Games on show,Microsoft has pledged that it will not talk about the tv side of the Xbox One so you may expect them to talk about the release date,price and if they are going to carry Microsoft points on the Xbox One or if there going to go down the Sony route and use currency such as £10.00,£20.00 and £40.00 cards.

So Today my special topic on E3 is the confirmed Games and the Games that haven't yet been confirmed to appear at E3 2013:

Game:                                              Platform:                                      Confirmed:                    
Assassins Creed Iv:Black Flag          PS4,Xbox One,PS3,PC,Wii U     Yes                      
Batman:Arkham Origins                    PC,PS3,Xbox 360,Wii U             Yes                        
Battlefield 4                                      PS4,Xbox One,PC,PS3,360        Yes
Brothers:A Tale Of Two Souls          PC,360,PS3                                 No
Call Of Duty:Ghosts                          Ps4,Xbox One,PC,PS3,360         No
Company Of Heroes 2                      PC                                               No
Dark Souls II                                    PC,PS3,360                                 No
DayZ Standalone                              PC                                               Yes
Destiny                                             PS4,Xbox One,Ps3,360               Yes                
Diablo III                                         PS4,PS3                                       No
Elder Scrolls Online                          PC                                               Yes
Fifa 14                                             Ps4,Xbox One,PC,PS3,360         Yes
Final Fantasy                                    Ps4                                               Yes
Forza Motorsport 5                         Xbox One                                     Yes            
Gran Turismo 6                                PS3                                               Yes
Infamous: Second Son                      Ps4                                                No
Kilzone: Shadow Fall                        PS4                                               No
Madden 25                                      Ps4,Xbox One,PC,PS3,360           Yes
Nba Live 14                                    Xbox One,PS4                               Yes  
Need For Speed: Rivals                   Ps4,Xbox One,PC,PS3,360            Yes
Pro Evolution Soccer 14                  TBA                                                No
Rain                                                 PS3                                                 No
Saints Row 4                                   PC,360,PS3                                    Yes
Splinter Cell: Blacklist                      PS3,360,PC                                     Yes
The Evil Within                                TBA                                                 No
The Last Of Us                               PS4                                                  Yes
The Witness                                    PS4                                                  Yes
Watch Dogs                                   Ps4,Xbox One,PC,Wii U,360            Yes

That is the list so far for Games that will be shown at E3 2013,the ones that i said havent been confirmed likely will be with the two biggest shockers being Call Of Duty:Ghosts and Pro Evolution Soccer 14 not been confirmed yet,could Call Of Duty host an event like Cod Xp to unveil their new game and Could it be the end of the Pro Evolution Series forever? We,ll have to wait and see,so untill tomorrow bye and have a good day from all at GamersNumberOne.